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Symantec is one of the largest global software companies in the world providing content and network security software to individual consumers and businesses. Its products includes Endpoint Security, Email Security, Data Loss Prevention and SSL Certificates.


Symantec provides variety of network security software:


Threat Protection

Symantec offers threat protection against most advanced threats, which includes complete endpoint, email, servers and cloud protection. Symantec cross – control point visibility and remediation detects 30% more threats. Symantec threat protection tracks indicators of attack as they emerge.

Information Protection

Symantec information protection safeguards endpoint, email, server and cloud information. It keeps track of sensitive data whether it is in motion, at rest, or in use. Symantec Information Protection give access only to users and any data can be encrypted with Symantec, to protect sensitive information in case it falls into the wrong hands.

Cyber Security Services

Cyber Security Services works around the clock, around the world. It responds to incidents fast and precisely. So detection and response time is shorter. Symantec Cyber Security actively counter emerging threats.

Website Security

Symantec website security secures more that 1 million web servers all around the globe. You can protect your business with Symantec that goes beyond SSL/TLS. It provides 7 out of 10 code signing certificates worldwide. Norton Secured Seal software provides safer way to purchase on websites.


If you are interest of buying or looking to get more information of any of the Symantec network security software, please do not hesitate to contact us.  

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