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CAS CRM is a SmartCompany of CAS Software AG, located in Karlsruhe it is the leading CRM software provider for SMEs. Founded in 1986 by the CEO, Martin Hubschneider, and CTO Ludwig Neer, CAS Software AG currently employees approximately 500 highly-motivated professional employees.

Focus on SME requirements

According to the guiding principle of: “To each customer their own CAS“, CAS CRM provides its customers with an innovative CRM solution in the form of CAS genesisWorld, which is specially adapted to the requirements of SMEs. The software is extremely flexible: and thanks to its modular structure it grows with your company. You even have a number of options when it comes to acquiring the software, for example, you can buy, rent, finance or lease.


Top-quality customer care provided locally through qualified partners

N I S are the CAS qualified partner and have a strong relationship with CAS to deliver the best solution to fit your needs.
We are happy to look at integration to existing systems and discuss your business needs fully. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.


Investing in the future for successful customers

Between 20 and 30 percent of our annual turnover is reinvested in the ongoing development of CAS products. A worthy investment, as nine customers have already been awarded the CRM Best Practice Award for their exemplary CRM projects. CAS Software AG is no exception when it comes to awards: Innovator of the year (2006 and 2011), Employer of the year (2009 and 2016) as well as scoring the most points in a customer satisfaction survey within the framework of an i2s CRM study 2012/13.


Your advantages

More than 300,000 users in more than 10,300 companies already profit from the benefits of using CAS genesisWorld:

• ergonomic
• adaption and integration capabilities
• a comprehensive network of qualified partners
• tried and tested
• excellent price / performance ratio


Experience the benefits and features of our CRM solutions yourself. Any questions? As official CAS partners, N.I.S would be delighted to provide you with a consultation anytime and at no obligation.


5 Success factors for a sustainable CRM implementation

Making sure your Customer Relationship Management (CRM) implementation runs smoothly, requires more than just the installation of a suitable software solution. CRM is an integral part of your corporate culture and these values should also be represented in your company’s management team. It is also essential to ensure that you communicate your CRM implementation as actively as possible and get all the CRM process stakeholders (such as, project managers, key IT personnel as well as the sales, marketing and service teams) onboard right from the word go.

CAS CRM has developed its own CAS Project Methodology to ensure successful implementation. And thanks to CAS CRM’s many years of experience, it has developed the following 5-keys to successful and sustainable CRM implementation:

1. Customer centric
Imagine that your customers are your company‘s most valuable capital and then place them at the center of your activities. Keep this decision at the heart of your company strategy and include your employees in the step-by-step realignment of your existing processes.

2. The most valuable currency – complete contact data
Contact data from your customers, prospects, cooperation partners and suppliers forms the foundation of a successful CRM project. Check your address data regularly to ensure that it is up-to-date and complete. Consider what information would be of interest to each of your reference groups and organize your activities to be target group specific.

3. Information transparency for a 360° view
Besides having up-to-date and complete contact data, it is also well-worth having a record of all your customer interactions and transactions that is as complete as possible. CAS genesisWorld provides you with a means of saving all your quotes, contracts, payment transactions and refunds as well as minutes of meetings, e-mail or forthcoming appointments in one central customer dossier. This ensures that your responsible employees have access to all your customer knowledge and associated projects at all times.

4. Personalized communications and pleasant surprises
Tailor your customer salutations to fit your customer profiles. All your customer communications will use your customer’s preferred method of communication, so that you address your customers directly using personalized salutations, and issue custom quotes that fit their needs. CAS genesisWorld helps you to react appropriately and quickly at all times when processing customer requests and during systematic follow-up activities.

5. Tap into hidden potential
Use your existing customers and project data as the basis for future decisions. Analyze your contacts for potential business opportunities and evaluate your customer knowledge and key performance indicators for marketing campaigns or with respect to the development of new products and services.

Should you have any questions, N.I.S would be happy to help you in our capacity as official CAS Partners for the successful implementation of your CRM system.

CAS also offer some free webinars for customers considering implementing a CRM system. For more information please visit CAS CRM Webinar Registration.

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