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Office Pro Plus Student Advantage Program

NIS Ltd have teamed up with Microsoft to offer schools and college's the Microsoft Office School License. This offer allows schools to license all the computers in the school with the most up to date version of Microsoft Office while only paying for the number of full time teachers you employ in the school.

From 1st of December 2013, Microsoft, through its Student Advantage Program will give Students Office 365 Pro Plus for free provided the school has purchased an OVS-ES license.

• Office 365 ProPlus is the latest version of Office that includes:- Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, OneNote, Publisher, Lync and Access.
• Each subscription license allows each student to run Office on up to five machines and/or mobile devices;- being PC or MAC, Android, iPhone and Windows Phone.
OVS-ES is a Microsoft scheme for schools and colleges that allows Office 365 to be installed for teachers and students and the preferential pricing is based on the number of full time and part time staff. e.g. if there are 26 Full Time and Part Time teachers in a school, then 26 licences are bought, regardless of how many laptops, computers etc. are present in the school.

What are the benefits for the Students and Schools?

• This is fantastic news as it will mean significant savings for Schools and Students and will allow schools to spend their funds on other needs.
• Students can use Office 365 on up to 5 devices that can be used at home or anywhere.
• Homework and projects will be easier to complete, store and share with fellow students and teachers.
• Students will become more independent and more organised.
• Students will develop necessary IT and relevant skills that will help them in later life in the workforce.

An Example of how this might work in your school:

• The school has 26 FULL TIME TEACHERS; the school buys 26 Microsoft Office Site licenses
• There are 26 Laptops, 52 PC’s and 20 of the students are using tablets.
• The school is also free to add new Computers at any time for the same cost.
• Under the agreement ALL of the 98 Computers would be licensed for the price of the original 26 Licenses. That’s a SAVING of THOUSANDS of €’s

What do you need to do?

•To avail of this offer, Contact our office on 057 93 55598
•We will look at your current Microsoft Licensing and make you aware of the savings to your school should you avail of this Site License Offer.

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