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Dominate the game wherever you play with OMEN

At a time where connectivity has become a key facet of daily life, one frequent request HP had from gamers is to take the experience they have playing on their high-end desktop or laptop and transfer it to their lower end PCs and tablets. With OMEN Game Stream3, HP have set out to provide exactly that.

Coming Spring 2018, OMEN Game Stream3 will be shipping on all OMEN systems. By utilizing OMEN Game Stream within the OMEN Command Center, gamers can let their OMEN PC do all the heavy lifting. This means they can take out their old Windows 10 laptop or tablet and escape the confines of their desktop space or even transfer their OMEN laptop experience to an old Windows 10 desktop if they want a traditional desktop gaming experience. Through this cloud gaming technology – turning their OMEN PC into the host server – they can play anytime, anywhere, so long as they maintain a strong internet connection

OMEN Gaming Laptop | OMEN by HP


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